What is pastoral counseling?

Peninsula Pastoral Counseling Center What is pastoral counseling?
PPCC is a welcoming space for those seeking inspiration, hope and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Pastoral counseling integrates the behavioral sciences and faith. Pastoral counselors believe that incorporating a client’s faith into their healing can foster wholeness and growth. If a client desires to frame the conversation in faith terms, then the counselor has the training and the skills to respond in ways that are both therapeutic and respectful. However, our counselors respect the beliefs of our clients and do not impose our own beliefs on those we serve.

In addition to being licensed professional counselors, many on the Center’s staff are also clergy. We welcome clients from a wide variety of faith traditions, and we invite them to draw upon these resources as they cope with their struggles.

All of our interns and residents are supervised by licensed professionals.

Pastoral Counseling may be for you if you desire:

  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Healing in a relationship
  • Help with managing anxiety or depression
  • Guidance in adjusting to major life changes, such as divorce, career change, job loss or death
  • Improvement in family, school, work, or social relationships
  • Professional counseling which integrates behavioral sciences and faith
PPCC works to integrate mind, body, spirit, and community into every aspect of healing.