Transforming Community

Peninsula Pastoral Counseling Center Transforming Community
As a nonprofit, we are passionate about helping our neighbors on the Virginia Peninsula.

While many might think of us as just another counseling practice, we are so much more! We are a nonprofit that makes a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families throughout the Virginia Peninsula. Donations to PPCC support the many ways we are working to transform our community listed below. If you want to help others thrive and become their best selves, we welcome you to join our mission!


PPCC is committed to removing barriers to care, so we make sure that anyone who seeks help can receive it. Our donor-supported Client Assistance Fund covers counseling fees for the uninsured, underinsured, and those who can’t afford to pay.


We offer a variety of workshops, presentations, and classes to local congregations, businesses and other organizations. Our educational programs focus on a variety of mental health topics, as well as relationship skills, personal growth, and spiritual direction. Click here to see some of our workshop topics.


With over 40 partnerships with local congregations and many partnerships with local businesses, universities, military, and other community organizations, PPCC is committed to providing support and education that reaches a larger audience than we can in our one-on-one counseling, allowing our community to thrive.


The first place many turn to in a crisis is their faith home. PPCC equips clergy and congregations to advocate for and walk alongside people who are struggling. Our goal is to help faith communities think through and implement the best ways to care for the families in their congregations. We support clergy in several ways including leadership groups.


To help meet the increasing demand for mental health services, PPCC is proud to have launched a free postgraduate training program so that individuals with masters degrees in therapy or counseling can obtain their Virginia license. Becoming a mental health counselor takes years of investment under the supervision of a licensed counselor. This can be a financial burden as well as difficult in finding a willing supervisor. Our program is working to increase the supply of licensed counselors to continue supporting our community.


The military, which has its own unique set of challenges and demands, has a strong presence on the Virginia Peninsula. PPCC is in network with the Military One Source and ESPYR programs, which cover non-medical counseling for active duty military and their dependents for issues related to military life, such as communication, anger, grief, and loss. Our counseling staff includes retired Navy chaplains and several counselors who have completed annual training to assist in preventing conditions that could compromise military and family readiness. Approximately one quarter of our counseling sessions each year are provided to active duty military and their dependents.


Personal problems often carry over into the workplace resulting in decreased performance, increased absences, and poor customer service. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to help employees manage these challenges. PPCC is in network with 12 different EAP programs serving various businesses in our local area.


As a service to our community, our counselors will conduct screenings for depression at the request of schools or doctors’ offices. By identifying people with symptoms of depression, we can offer early intervention and counseling to prevent more serious problems from developing.


When a crisis hits, our staff mobilizes to meet the community’s need. There are situations, such as a workplace suicide or violence, where our staff is called in to provide emergency support. Our counselors feel honored to be invited in the healing journey of people in our community who have experienced a trauma.