Planned Giving

Build your legacy and help PPCC make a lasting impact.

Planned Giving is a way that a donor can leave money or assets to a nonprofit at his or her death. Many people choose to include a charity in their estate plans to support causes that have been important in their life. There are numerous advantages to making a planned gift to PPCC through your will or another gift plan — tax savings, continuing impact to your hometown, sharing your personal values and so much more. PPCC offers ways to allow your donation to be recognized or memorialized if desired, which we would be happy to discuss.

If this is something you are considering, we encourage you to speak to a financial advisor to discuss planned giving options. For more information about supporting PPCC, please contact our Executive Director, Rev. Becky Glass at (757) 873-2273 or


By including PPCC in your will, you may secure a charitable estate tax deduction for the value of the gift and leave a lasting memorial of a life well lived. Donors can give PPCC either a specific amount of money or item of property (a “specific” bequest), or a percentage of the balance remaining in their estate after taxes, expenses, and specific bequests have been paid (a “residual” bequest).


You can create a trust agreement outlining the terms of the trust. The donor receives an income stream from the trust for a term of years or for life and the named charity receives the remaining trust assets at the end of the trust term.


You may transfer cash, stocks or real property to the Center. PPCC guarantees you lifetime payments for one or two annuitants. This provides the annuitants guaranteed payments for life that are taxed favorably and gives sustained generous support for the Center’s mission.


You can contribute an insurance policy to PPCC. You can claim a charitable deduction for the value of the donated policy, and PPCC can “cash in” the policy in advance of the donor’s death.


You can consider transferring the title of a personal residence or real property to the Center. PPCC allows you and/or your spouse to reside in the residence for the remainder of your life. Upon your death, PPCC will use or sell the property. This option provides you an income tax deduction for the remainder value of your residence or real property.