Peninsula Pastoral Counseling Center (PPCC) offers a variety of workshops and presentations to area congregations and businesses. PPCC’s educational programs focus on personal and spiritual growth, marriage, family, parenting, relationship skills and spiritual direction. These programs are based on experience in clinical practice, continuing education, and special interests and concerns expressed by our clientele. The honorarium for a one-hour program is $100.00. For a longer program, the honorarium may be negotiated.

In addition to the workshops listed below, our counselors are available to work with groups to develop a program or series on other topics. If your group is planning a seminar, workshop or retreat and desires a speaker who can address a particular topic, we welcome your ideas and requests.

We look forward to hearing from you to schedule a program! Contact Becky Glass, Executive Director, at (757) 873-2273 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Couple Communication

This seminar will teach effective ways of talking and listening to your partner. Discover faster, more satisfactory ways of resolving conflicts; reduce misunderstandings, tension and hostility; and learn to make better decisions that satisfy both parties.

Facing Changes in Our Lives

Whether experiencing a change in home life, work and finances, or a personal transition, people are often apprehensive when faced with change. This seminar will help you identify changes that are taking place in your life, examine your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes toward change. discover how faith can be a resource to help, and learn some ways to effectively deal with change.

Journey Toward Forgiveness

This seminar will examine what forgiveness is and what it is not. Some of the myths about forgiveness will be examined. Discover the stages of forgiveness and how to work towards forgiving yourself and others.

Living Beyond Loss

Sooner or later, every person is affected by separation and loss, whether it’s the death of a parent or loss of a job. This program considers loss from psychological and spiritual viewpoints by demonstrating how important it is to deal constructively with loss.

Managing Stress

Stress has been named as a culprit in many life threatening illnesses as well as emotional difficulties and a decreased sense of well-being. Come learn more about this unseen force and ways to manage it.

Parenting Skills Training

This program was developed by Dr. Louise Guerney of Penn State University to teach skills, which have proven very helpful in communicating with children and youth of all ages. Skills include showing understanding, parent messages, structuring, reinforcement, and rules, limits and consequences.


Preparing/Enrich helps prepare couples for marriage and provides a check-up for existing marriages. A group opportunity for premarital counseling is available either as a one-day seminar, or as a series of four to six sessions. The program will include communication, conflict resolution, managing money, and family life.

Suicide and its Aftermath

The death of someone through suicide has a tremendous impact on family, friends, and congregations. This workshop examines aspects of depression and suicide to give groups a better understanding of these topics. We will also look at the religious response to suicide and explore where God’s grace is in this tragedy.

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